Top 3 Rustic Country Living Room Furniture

Here is a great list of the top 3 rustic country living room furniture. These living room furniture sets are the most popular and are evergreen, meaning they have been popular for years now and will stay in the top country living room furniture sets for years to come.

I will also specify with each of the top 3 sets, where the inspiration came from. You might be interested in specifically french country living room furniture, or rather a bit more country style living room furniture set.

Enjoy reviewing this top 3 selection, and if you still need more inspiration, be sure to use the search bar to type in exactly what you’re looking for, we have a great selection of inspiration for all rustic country furniture needs.

1. Full Rustic Country Living Room Furniture

rustic country living room furniture

This is by far the most popular type of rustic country living room furniture if you wanted to truly have a 100% rustic country look. You can see that from the furniture, the sofa, the fireplace, to even the ceiling, that it is totally rustic and country inspired.

This style incorporates the top 3 aspects of a rustic country furniture look:

  1. There is plenty of wood, from the furniture, the walls, to the ceiling.
  2. There is almost a 100% incorporation of the color brown, which is the most dominant color in rustic furniture.
  3. And finally, there is an incorporation of stone in the fireplace, adding to the outdoor elements that you want to bring in to your home for the most rustic look and feel

This style of rustic country living room furniture is the most popular simply because it incorporates the rustic look from top to bottom.

My next 2 options stay with the rustic feel, but have a less and less intensity level as far as the top 3 rules goes.

2. Country Cottage Living Room Furniture

country cottage living room furniture

The country cottage inspired living room furniture shown here is a popular second option, it incorporates rustic rule #1 which is lots of brown, and rule #2 which is lots of wood.

The reason this is not the #1 rustic living room furniture set is because of the sofa selection. If you were to go really rustic, you can see in the #1 selection that the entire living room is 100% rustic. This second option is about 70% of the way there, and you can see in the third option that it is only about 40% of the way to a full rustic living room look.

That being said, this country cottage living room furniture set is great if you have pets, especially because of the sofa. It is durable and any types of stains won’t show easily, which won’t be the case for my #3 selection, which is meant more for an older couple that doesn’t have a lot of kids or pets creating any mess.

3. French-style Country Living Room Furniture

french country living room furniture

This is a very popular option for you if you don’t want to go 100% rustic. A french inspired country living room furniture set like this would take you down the rustic inspired path, but still keep it elegant.

This is a great starting option for those going rustic, but if you’ve already been buying and placing rustic furniture around your home for years, you would rather want the first or second selection.


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